Monday, 12 March 2012


12 MARCH 2012


Permission was granted today for a new 150MW dedicated biomass power station at Royal Portbury Dock in the Port of Bristol, North Somerset.
The consent allows E.ON Climate and Renewables to construct a plant which could provide enough electricity to power up to 160,000 homes. The new plant will create up to 325 temporary jobs during construction, 35 full-time jobs during operation and a further 20 contract personnel during routine and annual maintenance.
The plant will be fuelled mainly by imported virgin wood, dedicated energy crops and locally sourced waste wood.
E.ON will also set up a Community Investment Fund, which will contribute £50,000 per annum for every year that the plant is operating, to support charitable and/or educational community projects. £75,000 will also be allocated to trial green buses and improve cycle routes in the local area.

Going Green can Save Your Business Money!

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