Monday, 21 March 2011

India - First Solar Powered Zoo!

Lucknow's Prince of Wales Zoological Garden is the first Zoo in the country to use solar energy. all the kitchens, offices and street lamps currently run off solar power and in another six months the entire facility will be completely powered the Sun.  Zoo Director Renu Singh had the idea in 2007 after a huge electricity bill and decided that solar energy, having few running costs would be the ideal solution. Everybody who visits the Zoo will not only learn about the animal kngdom but will also be educated on the use of Solar Energy and its implementation in the Zoo. Moreover people will leave a clear idea of how to implement solar power into their own lives. 

If an impoverished country like India can implement such methods into their lives, it the begs the question as  to why we in the west, with our technologically advanced and financially robust society, are not already doing this?  Time to wake up and smell the solar balti methinks! ;-)